Fire Damage Services

Helping you recover from traumatizing fire damage experiences with our effective fire damage restoration services.

Fire Damage Restoration and Cleanup Services

Nothing can be more traumatizing than seeing your home getting destroyed in the fire right before your eyes. It takes away the sense of security and stability from you and your family. When there is a sudden fire outbreak, the fire department and our fire emergency response services instantly respond and take decisive action to provide you immediate help.

When the fire department successfully extinguishes the fire and smoke clears up, Firework Construction’s fire damage restoration services immediately get into action. We stand by you to provide a rapid and robust response, 24/7, and 365 days of the year.

Fire Damaged Restoration Services

At Fireworks Construction, we provide the following professional fire damage restoration services:

Structural Cleaning & Removal of Debris

Smoke Deodorization

HVAC Cleaning & Decontamination

Emergency Board-Up

Structural Shoring & Stabilization

Carpet Cleaning

Electronic Recovery

Monitoring of Air Quality

Content Cleaning & Storage

Soot Cleaning

Dry-Ice/Soda Blasting


Why Choose Us for Fire Damage Restoration Services?

After flames are extinguished, the leftover smoke and soot are even more challenging to handle. It can cause irreversible damage to your property and assets, if not handled knowledgeably.
  • Fireworks Construction is professionally experienced and trained to identify and efficiently remove smoke and soot at your premises. After a comprehensive investigation and evaluation, we initiate the recovery and restoration process.
  • Our local, licensed, and trained experts have years of experience in handling such situations. We have the necessary expertise, equipment, and skill to efficiently execute fire damage restoration and clean up after the fire.
  • We are available 24/7 and 365 days of a year to provide all kinds of smoke removal and fire restoration services.
  • Our quick response time not only reduces the risk of damage to your assets but also helps lower repair costs.
  • After the fire, another crucial task is the evaluation of damage for insurance claims.

Providing Help in the Most Crucial Hours after Fire

The first 24 to 48 hours immediately after the fire are called ‘the golden recovery hours.’ With the help of efficient fire damage response services, it is possible to stabilize your property and start the recovery process.

The smoke and the soot produced after a fire is extinguished, have acidic elements which accelerate the deterioration and breakdown process of your building elements and other vital assets. Soot can even penetrate and stain porous surfaces, such as walls, ceiling, flooring, and furnishings permanently. Your personal belongings may suffer permanent damage, if not cleaned properly.

Prolonged exposure to smoke and soot can also severely damage the structural elements of your building. Metals, wood, flooring, and other furnishings can deteriorate if timely help and recovery are not undertaken. The costs of restoration may increase significantly if cleanup and restoration are delayed.

Fireworks Construction helps you in these most crucial hours after fire damage. We offer you immediate assistance in mitigating the damage caused by fire. Our efficient, dependable, and trained team has experience in handling hundreds of such situations. We off board up services, water damage mitigation, and debris removal on an emergency basis so the restoration process is started properly and efficiently.

If there is a fire breakout at your premises, instantly call us to ensure minimal damage to your property and assets!

We are available 24/7: (301) 362-5502

Please call us if you have an emergency. We will be there within two hours of your call!