Moving and Storage Services

Why You Need Professional Moving and Storage Services After A Disaster?

After a disaster, it is necessary that you take immediate steps to protect your property and belongings from further damage, inclement weather conditions, theft, and vandalism. You also need to protect your belongings from accidental damage, which may occur during the structural restoration process following a disaster. Additionally, dust, smoke, debris and moisture can cause irreversible damage to your precious belongings and articles.

In such conditions, you need professional and trustworthy services to move and store your belongings and valuables securely to a safe and protected place. Fireworks Construction’s moving and storage services provide you with dependable and secure services to keep your belongings safe while your property structure is restored and rebuilt.

We safely transport your belongings to our facility, without causing any further damage. Our team of trained and professional moving experts handle each item with the utmost care to prevent any collateral damage.

Offered Moving and Storage Services

When you require moving and storage services for your items from the site of catastrophe, Fireworks Construction’s storage and moving division performs the following services:

  • Inventorying and packing your items and moving them to our specialized storage facility for professional cleaning and proper treatment.
  • Application of ozone treatment (activated oxygen) to neutralize odor.
  • Repacking of the items into new boxes and storing them as required.
  • Delivering the items to refinisher, if needed.
  • Coordinating to return your items and belongings when your home is ready and cleaned.
  • Providing quick turn around emergency cleaning services and relocating your items to your temporary residence.

Inventory Organization and Management

At Fireworks Construction, we perform the whole moving and storage process in an organized manner. As our team comprises of experienced and trained professionals, we ensure that you get highly professional and managed services.

As we remove the items from your property for restoration and storage, we provide a detailed inventory of all the items. Additionally, we take pictures and/or videos of the property to keep it as reference for future needs. This eliminates any confusions or misunderstandings between both parties and helps with your insurance claim as needed.

You can contact our office to obtain pictures or videos of the removed items. Once your property is clean and odor free, our team can arrange a display of recovered items for you as well as for the insurance professional so you can inspect and decide on final outcome.

Our Value Added Services

Fireworks Construction fully understands your concerns and potential problems after a catastrophic disaster. We offer you some value added services free of cost to give you the peace of mind that reliable professionals are handling your moving and storage needs.

Free inventory of condemned items if the Fireworks Constructions has handled cleaning.


Free video and digital documentation of loss if Fireworks Construction has handled the cleaning process.


Free first-month storage on pack outs.


Free first three months storage on salvage items. Condemned items held for insurance company purposes.


No charges for textile cleaning that has not been restored to its pre-loss condition.

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