Storm Damage Services

Convenient, reliable and effective on-spot storm damage services


Being hit by a storm can be a devastating experience. The power of Mother Nature can damage or even demolish your house or business property in a matter of minutes. An unexpected storm or tornado with hail storm can cause plenty of damage to your property and surroundings. It can result in roof damage, cracks in the walls, power outage, damage to pipes and water supply, and more. The combination of wind and hailstorm with uprooted trees is only a few of the devastations, which can lead to severe damage of your property and assets, irrespective of the property size. After any one of these instances, you need an instant response to storm damage for optimal protection and recovery.

Offering Protection and Security in Time of Need!

At Fireworks Construction, we offer quick, efficient, and reliable storm damage recovery and restoration services. Our professional services are designed to secure your life and property instantly. Our trained, licensed, and experienced team helps prevent further damage to your property and assets.

Restoring and Recovering Your Place and Life

As a leading and experienced storm damage recovery provider, we have helped hundreds of storm-affected places to successfully recover from devastation. Our team has a specialist skill set to deal with these kinds of devastating situations.

Rebuilding and restoring your property and assets is entirely different from building new construction. It requires strategic planning and expertise in the field. The moisture retained by the property following a storm also needs to be removed.

Expert and Professional Storm Damage Restoration Services

Fireworks Construction is an expert in handling storm damage and providing complete restoration services. With our diverse and extensive expertise in the field, we ensure that no aspect of your restoration and recovery is left unaddressed.

What to Expect from Us?


Once you get in touch with us, our skilled team arrives fully equipped at your affected premises. We thoroughly assess the damage that occurred to your property and surroundings. We perform cleanup and immediate repairs on a priority basis. You are also provided with temporary power supply if it’s safe. Your safety and protection is our priority. This is accomplished by performing immediate emergency response services on your premises.


After we are done with the security and recovery of your property and assets, we initiate the storm restoration process. Our trained and highly-experienced team diligently works to restore your property to its pre-damaged state.


We use all the necessary resources to help in your quick recovery and minimize the impact of destruction. With our knowledge and expertise, we create a customized plan to initiate re-construction and restore your life to normal.

We are available 24/7: (301) 362 -5502

Call us now if you are facing a storm emergency as we are available 24/7 to help you with storm restoration!