Water Damage Services

We help you counter the effects of natural or man-made water disasters with immediate water damage restoration services!
Water damage to your property and assets can be caused by different events. Pipe bursts, floods, overflowing baths, and heavy rains, etc. and all such conditions can lead to severe water damage if restoration efforts are not initiated instantly.

Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

Fireworks Construction provides professional water damage restoration services to help you minimize water damage and loss. In emergencies, our expert, trained, and efficient team responds immediately to your call. We reach the affected place quickly to help you rescue your property and belongings and save them from severe damage.

Acting quickly is the key to preventing huge losses caused by water damage. Our water damage restoration services are designed to provide you with an immediate, efficient, and active response. Our experienced team arrives at your place in a well-stocked vehicle. We have relevant knowledge, techniques, and equipment at our disposal to instantly initiate water damage mitigation.

Comprehensive Range of Water Damage Restoration Services

At Fireworks Construction, we offer a comprehensive range of water damage restoration services, which include the following:

Water Extraction

Extraction and removal of water is the crucial initial step. Water damage may stem from broken drains or pipes, HVAC condensation pipes, flood, heavy rains, or while combating a fire. Our company provides the necessary skills, expertise, and equipment to handle your water damage proficiently.

Our team arrives well-equipped with knowledge, techniques, and tools to mitigate the effects of water damage before it adversely affects your property, causing mold, bacterial growth, warping, or delamination of floors. Due to our extensive experience in water extraction, we help with a speedy recovery from water damage.


Property Drying

Unless your property is completely dried, there is a high risk of contamination and damage. After the water is completely removed from your premises, the next step is drying your place. We remove all the leftover debris and rubble and initiate professional structural drying.

Your place is dried using powerful air moving and dehumidification equipment, which helps prevent mildew and mold infestations. We can also provide you with a temporary power supply until your regular power supply is restored.


Complete Property Sanitization

Sanitization of your property is necessary for healthy and clean living. Without proper sanitization, there is a high risk of bacterial and viral growth, formation of molds, and mildew. Our professional and trained team performs complete property sanitization using the latest techniques and equipment. We conduct HVAC cleaning and decontamination, carpet and wall cleaning and drying, anti-microbial applications, and monitoring of air quality. These services enable us to provide you with a clean and sanitized environment.


Rebuilding Preparations

Following the drying process, Fireworks Construction experts conduct a thorough inspection to evaluate the extent of damage to your property. Based on this assessment, we provide you with an estimated quote for repairs and rebuilding. As an extensively experienced, trained, and knowledgeable company in the field, we can handle all your rebuilding and repair requirements efficiently and quickly.

Fireworks Construction offers expert assistance in all repair and rebuilding procedures from conducting pre-construction meetings and scheduling the rebuilding process, to consultation with an insurance company, processing and handling acquisition of required permits, and noting material needs and finally initiating rebuilding.

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